Each paper submitted to EJH will go through a strict double blind peer review process according to international standards. Submitting an article to EJH means that the author(s) have accepted the processes of peer review conditions and copyright conditions of the Journal. The submitted articles will first be reviewed by the Chief Editor and/or Editor for relevance and meeting the scope of the Journal. Once this process has occurred the article will then undergo a process of plagiarism evaluation.
The policy of EJH is to publish papers that have passed the peer review evaluation and have less than 15% plagiarism rate. The review process may take a minimum of 10-12 weeks, although this period could be extended due to unforeseen circumstances. The publication of a manuscript depends on the outcomes of the review process and the decision of the editorial board.

Peer Review Process

Please remove any identifying information, such as authors’ names or affiliations, from your manuscript before submission.
As well as removing names and affiliations under the title within the manuscript, other steps need to be taken to ensure the manuscript is correctly prepared for double blind peer review. The key points to consider are:

    Use the third person to, refer to work the authors have previously published. For example, write ‘Black and Hart (2015) have demonstrated’ rather than ‘we/the authors have previously demonstrated (Black & Hart, 2015)’.

    Make sure that figures and tables do not contain any reference to author affiliations

    Exclude acknowledgements and any references to funding sources. Use the title page, which is not sent to reviewers, to detail these and to declare any potential conflicts of interest to the Editor.

    Choose file names with care, and ensure that the file’s ‘Properties’ are also anonymised. If you are using Office 2007 or later, consider using the Document Inspector Tool prior to submission.

    Take care to ensure that you do not inadvertently upload identifying information within any of the files that will be shared with reviewers. All file types except Title Page, Cover Letter are typically included in the version of your manuscript shared with reviewers.

    All manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the e-mail to the editor at

    All authors are advised to follow the Author Guidelines in preparing the manuscript before submission.

    Review and Publication Process

    A full double-blind refereeing process is used that comprises of the following steps.

    • Paper is sent to 2 reviewers for review. The reviewers’ recommendations determine whether a paper will be accepted / accepted subject to change / subject to re-submission with significant changes / rejected.
    • For papers which require changes, the same reviewers will be used to ensure that the quality of the revised paper is acceptable.
    • If the paper is accepted by the reviewers, author(s) will be notified.
    • Author/Corresponding Author will be notified about the possible date of publication (both online and print).
    • One hard copy of the published journal (Print) for each article will be sent to the author/corresponding author. The review process takes minimum twelve weeks.

    Peer Review

    EJH follows international standards for double blind reviewing, where both the reviewers and author/s remain anonymous throughout the process. After an initial evaluation, the manuscripts are sent to two reviewers. The reviewers are selected from the relevant areas having adequate expertise. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the quality of the questions raised in the study, the logical and appropriate link with the existing literature, suitability of the methodology and procedures adopted for collecting the data, contribution to the literature/field, presentation of results and support for the conclusions drawn, and appropriate citations and referencing.

    The peer review may result in any one of these decisions:

    (1) Excellent, accept the submission (5)

    (2) Good, accept the submission with minor revisions required (4)

    (3) Acceptable, revisions required (3)

    (4) Resubmit for review, major revisions required (2)

    (5) Decline the submission (1)

    The overall responsibility for the published articles belongs to the author(s) of the articles, and they are also responsible for obtaining necessary permission pertaining copyrighted material from the concerned individuals or bodies prior to submitting their manuscript with EJH. The corresponding authors will be sent the final print version of their article for a proof before the article is going in print. At this point authors cannot make any changes to the content, they are merely looking at the article to ensure the content and illustrations are appearing in their right order and no part is misaligned or missing (e.g. Tables, headings, etc.). Manuscripts that are submitted with the JSSIR should be checked for correct spelling and grammar rules. Manuscripts that require minor or major revisions, as suggested by the reviewers, are returned to the authors for necessary revisions in the light of the reviewers’ comments/ suggestions within a prescribed time.

    The corresponding author will resubmit the revised paper which will be sent to the reviewers again for review to ensure that the indicated changes have been incorporated. The Editorial Board of EJH may request more than one revision of a manuscript. It is in the interest of the authors that they do not alter or amend the original content other than what is suggested by one or both reviewer/s. Adding new content to your paper at this stage will only lead to the peer review process to start from the beginning resulting in a delay in possible publication of the manuscript. Manuscripts which are not accepted for publication are not re-sent to their authors. Manuscripts that have been rejected once for publication with EJH following peer review will not be considered for publication again. However, if the manuscript undergoes complete or substantial revisions it will be considered as a new submission and will be put through the same review process from the beginning only after an approval from the Editorial Board.


    Copyrights for articles published in EJH are retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to the journal. The journal/publisher is not responsible for subsequent uses of the work.